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Our Farm, which is located just outside the town of Preston, has been continually owned by the Harris family since 1832, spanning seven generations. Over the years our farm has seen many changes. During the early 1900's J.P. and Howard Harris had a tomato canning house on the farm, which later gave way to the chicken business. By the late 1920's there were twelve chicken houses each with two flocks of birds a year. In the 1950's we stopped with chickens and were strictly producing grain and vegetables. From the 70's through the 90's Gene Harris grew many crops in addition to grain which include processing tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans and cannery sweet corn.

Currently our farm is managed by Gene's youngest son, Steve Harris. Steve's farming includes grain production, 30 acres of produce for our retail markets and wholesale customers. To help our small family farm we also operate a 50,000 square feet of greenhouse space in which we grow wholesale flowers.

Gene Harris

Steve Harris

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